Monday, June 8, 2015

It seems, it's time…and what is cool anyway?

I have been wearing readers for a couple of years now. And the necessity of them has increased over those years.  Everything is blurry now, even my food. (sad face) I had to make the move to sunglasses with readers as well. And how many times do I try to see my iPhone while outside?  All the freakin' time!!   I guess if I gave up Facebook that would help.  But I still need to see to take picture and read texts, and email and see maps.  Everything on that tiny little phone screen.  I cannot zoom in any larger and see only three words per screen.

Going from indoors to outdoors all the time especially when traveling which we just did, I had to switch back and forth between my eyeglasses ($$$$) and my sunglasses ($$).  It's a constant joy to keep up with both pairs.   Sometimes I have the sunglasses in my hair with the glasses on my eyes.  Most times I end up with the eyeglasses stuck in the top of my shirt.  This is very dangerous activity.  I lost my first pair of prescription readers doing so but thankfully I had owned them for a few years and they were pretty scratched up at the time or at least that's what I told myself.

But where do I put them??

And then it hit me. It's time.

It's disturbing but I don't think I care anymore about my image…

I may have to get…

A chain.

This is what I picture from back in the day.  An older lady with grey hair and an eye glass chain? cord? I don't even know what you call it.  And it looks like she has a bun.  I wear my hair twisted on top of my head too… {look of cringe}

But these days - this is what the ad looks like.

I'm going to start a trend.

If you act like it's cool.  It will be.

And what is cool anyway?  My forties have been reinventing what cool is anyway.  Cool is what makes me happy.  Cool is what puts me at peace.

Because the forties are about not worrying what other people think.

Though some things are so deeply ingrained.  In my own thought processes, trying not to factor in other people, buying a cord for my glasses is ancient.  Really, really ancient.

But if my stomach is not turning over in nervousness at the things I do, there is no growth.  I'm just so tired of keeping up with the glasses.  And I don't want to lose any more glasses.

It's time.


And then there's this little nugget.


  1. Nicely written, as always.


    I so identify with this one! I started needing glasses about 25 years ago... and sunglasses (especially in recent years) have been a necessity. If I had a dollar for every pair I've lost, LOL, I could buy several bags of groceries.

    Lanyard or chain... rock it, lady!

    1. Hmmm, lanyard. I don't know about that. Tell me more!!

  2. I absolutely relate! I'm working on embracing the gray hair too. Hollywood twenty-somethings are dying their hair gray, so I'm ahead of the curve!

  3. Good for you for starting trends! You can make anything stylish and trendy with enough work. Why can't comfort and convenience be attractive as well? I have worn reading glasses for years and also recently started using a chain. People won't stare as much as you think they will! You can find some very stylish chains on Etsy.

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  4. I'm not real sure, but I think I need glasses. I'm getting close to 50 and I notice that my eyesight is not what it used to be. It aggravates me because I've always considered myself to be a healthy person. Wonder what style of glasses would look good on me and still allow me to have my 20/20 vision?