Thursday, August 13, 2009

Airport Drama

When we took our last vacation that involved flying, my husband thought I wasn't anxious enough when we were packing up and leaving the house to get to the airport in a timely manner. I was irritated at him, because I didn't want to feel or look anxious, I just wanted to use my yoga skills and be zen, calm and clearly think through all of the steps that must be taken and do them. Well...George showed me!!

We drove all the way to New Orleans, got to the off site, long term parking where George had made a reservation and thank goodness. There was one parking spot left and we had to wait while they found that one spot. Clock ticking. Timewise, I thought we were doing okay. All of the massive amounts of luggage we had were transported to the bus we caught to the airport. We arrive at curbside check-in. (Side note: This is when I learn that you now have to pay $15 for each piece of luggage that you check-in and more if you exceed luggage pieces per person, which we did.) In the middle of the outside check-in of our bags, the automatic alarm goes off that signals it's too late to check anymore bags. The attendant has to then go inside and figure out how to finish checking us. This takes at least 15 minutes or more and she has to print our boarding passes as well.

We make it through security SLOWLY, and mind you we have Grandma and a three year old with us, slowing us down. I decide that we need to visit the restroom for the three year old to empty her bladder. George goes on ahead. I'm still think we are doing okay timewise. As I'm taking care of business in the bathroom, my phone goes off, I see it's George and I can't get to it. I'm washing my hands and the phone is ringing again and it's George again. I'm picturing clenched teeth through the cell phone and I hear, "IF YOU WANT TO CATCH THIS PLANE, YOU BETTER START RUNNING!"

Off we go, anxious Riley in the lead running, me with rolling carry on and another bag trying to run, Mallory behind me and Grandma. Mallory begins to cry because I am leaving her, and Grandma who is kicking it at seventy-seven is doing her best to keep up. Riley is looking back at us and beseeching us to hurry up. Mallory is now wailing and decides to sit down on the floor. My yoga training is still kicking in because all I can do is laugh. I go back, grab her hand and walk more slowly, and she is crying the whole way. It takes what seems like FOREVER to get to our terminal. George is seething and fuming and wants to do me bodily harm. The ticket agent is anxious as well. I have never been the last person on board a plane, but we were the last and the gate door shut behind us. Grandma said it took her 45 minutes to let go of the tension. George fumed for about a half hour. I just thought, "Wow, that was a close one!"

On our return flight, we gave ourselves much more time to get to the airport and George got his wish and I was completely anxious, and un-zen like getting ready and throughout the whole return. Everything went smoothly though and we got back to our van at long term parking and our battery was...dead. We lucked out because there was no car parked in front of us (and it was still a full lot) and the driver was able to jump us off. Traveling with the whole family...gotta love a little airport drama and from now on, I must stay anxious the entire time! Screw yoga...

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