Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well, it has been quite a couple of weeks. I can't tip toe around it. We found out last week that my mother in law has metastatic cancer. I am not going to go into specifics as this is her business but it has become ours. George and I are her only family that live in Baton Rouge so it has rocked her world and thus ours. We knew something was going on as her health has declined over the last few months and we just couldn't find the reason.

I think I am still in shock, digesting it a little more day by day and every day brings new developments.
Life... has.... shifted.
Cancer sucks.
On a lighter note, I am learning to ask for help. I realize I can't do it all. Our church has been wonderful, I have fabulous friends who are there for me, I also had to examine my priorities. I let go of some of my commitments that I picked up - the room mom duties, and the volunteer committee. No excuses, they just needed to be let go of so that I could focus on what needs to be focused family.

Over the years, I have become close to my mother in law and we have a good working relationship. I enjoy spending time with her! At times, she is much easier to talk to than my own family - no years of baggage. And she has given me great insight in some key issues. We certainly don't see eye to eye on everything yet I learned to agree to disagree with her and it was a revelation. I was not accustomed to being able to move on if there was not an agreement. Being able to voice a disagreement is HUGE.
We have a great bond and a mutual fierce love for George and especially Riley and Mallory. Her sun rises and sets around those girls. And they came out of my voila - the bond. She was laying in the hospital bed, too weak to move and yet she wants to tell me what to get Riley for her birthday in the weeks to come. Fierce.

She has made great strides and is now working to gain her strength back to return to her apartment on her own and fight the cancer. We hope to keep it at bay for a while longer so that the fierceness can continue as long as possible.

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