Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Driving my husband's new car...

My husband and I recently purchased a new four door sedan for his use. It was a hard decision to start making a car payment again but he was driving my nine year old girly SUV for years after an accident in his car. So we took the plunge and he got a new car with the newer features. Well, he needed to drive my hot rod, ego massaging minivan to take his mom around so I got to drive the fancy new car all day. This is going to be fun....right?! New car...woo hoo!

The day started off badly, when the girls and I couldn't even get IN the car. When you walk up to it and have the keyless device in your purse, it immediately unlocks the door when you put your hand on the door handle, NOT when you push the button on the door. The button on the door, LOCKS it. Yes, it's simple, but I hadn't driven the car very much and it wouldn't have been so bad but Mallory starts crying thinking we are never getting into the car. (I still remember being excited about just being able to push a button to get in my Highlander, that was fancy for me then!) I kept locking George's car accidentally. FINALLY, we get in the car and there is no place for backpacks. And as compared to the vastness of the van, we are in a tin can. I feel slightly clausterphobic and the girls do too. When we were test driving the different sedans, there was only only excitement but know it is ALL gone.

I get back to the house from dropping them off at school and park in the garage and I hear a beeping noise - I have had my experiences with beeping noises if you recall. [Things that go beep - May 2010] It scared the heck out of me at first and then I realized that it was the mechanism that was telling me I was too close to something. Lovely...it also beeps when I go through drive thru windows because I GET TOO CLOSE. And I feel so short, not to mention I don't have my usual place to put my purse. Discombobulation, big time.

And I guess the irony for me is that it is such a nice vehicle yet we are creatures of habit and we have gotten used to our space. The girls are so excited when we got in the van this morning. Nothing like a new car to make you appreciate the ole' minivan. Woo Hoo!!

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  1. Getting used to a new car could take a while and although you had troubles in the beginning, I believe you’ll get the hang of it soon. How’s your husband’s car now? I hope you regularly check it for maintenance purposes. Are you still having concerns like what you stated? Thanks for sharing!

    Ava Harness @ Elite Toyota