Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things that go beep

This week I had a special relationship to things that go beep. My beloved minivan decided to let me know something was going on all day on Wednesday. It began beeping at me quietly and inconsistenly but by the end of the day, it would not stop and was unyielding. You know that annoying beep that says a car door is open, sort of like the one that big trucks make, when they are backing up. The only problem was that, the van doors slide shut and this seemed to be where the wretched sound was eminating. Do you know how much time I spend in my car? Two schools, two different starting and ending times- four trips. Not to mention any other errand I might be running. One urgent trip to pick up my my mother in law for a blood transfusion (she has undetermined anemia) and take her to the hospital. I talked the children in to skipping Little Gym because I could not take getting into the car and driving anymore. Then the service manager at the Toyota dealership calls and says bring it in by 5, we will determine the problem. Okay, I drag the kids because I have GOT to get this thing fixed. I put it in drive and it beeped the entire time, in rush hour traffic, going 15 mph on the interstate. I turned up the Glee soundtrack loudly for Riley and I, while Mallory had headphones on watching a movie. I was on the brink, I was not going to let this do me in. I want to tape the noise to give you the feel of it, but I fear it will put me into post traumatic stress syndrome.

It ended up being a Nintendo DS stick stuck under a door closing mechanism, not allowing the sensor to know the door was closed. So simple and NO CHARGE! On Thursday, my security key pad starts beeping that there is a smoke problem, yet there seems to be no smoke anywhere in the house or attic. And on Friday, my keys get stuck in the back door and wouldn't come out.

At least they weren't beeping at me and I had an extra set.

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