Monday, May 24, 2010

Am I Crazy or what???

Geneen Roth of "Women, Food and God" was on Oprah. It was a good show except Oprah talked more than Geneen did for most of the show. But I imagine Geneen doesn't care, she was on Oprah and now her life has exponentially changed. Her book is on bestsellers lists. Her name is becoming nationally known. (And as an aside, while looking for videos, I discovered that Geneen and her husband lost all their retirement as they were clients of Bernie Madoff) And now Oprah finally feels like she gets it. I feel like I get it too yet it is still an ongoing process. I still have residual pain that I figured out what was going on and it's there and now it pops up, and I have to use new skills and it just takes time. Last week, I was so excited to hear Geneen on Oprah radio and it felt like I was hearing droplets of gold. On the Soul Series, they are much more in depth and it was exactly what I wanted to hear. And I wanted to hear more. Geneen referred to this exact process that I have been experiencing. You get it, and then you have a setback and then it comes back again. And then it keeps coming back again and again until it stays more permanently.

I received notification of an online "Women, Food, and Love" workshop that starts this week. I thought that sounds "neat." I should do that. And... I didn't jump at it. I have never done an online video feed or copied anything to my Ipod. A few days passed and I thought, am I crazy? This is exactly what I want and need to hear. A group process is so much more beneficial than individual therapy, AND this is audio, video gold to me. Why would I hesitate? Well, I know why and I need to push through my fear. So last night, I signed up, paid, have my sign in codes and I'm set up for the next six Tuesdays at 8pm. I'm ready to take it on. And it's no big deal that the first night, I will be at Riley's Moving Up ceremony. I will catch it when I can.

You can hear clips of the XM radio - Soul Series on Oprah's Website including Geneen's.

This is a little overview of Women Food and God on You Tube.

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