Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brown Stuff

We have grown out of diapers, pull ups and all things associated with those early intensive taking care of the pee and poop years. Now we are learning to wipe our bum by ourselves. Yes, not a pretty topic but every mother has gone through this and knows exactly what I'm talking about. It takes a while to learn this skill because they wipe generally once when it should be a several wipe process and then it's in the panties.
There have been two times recently in the bathroom where I have discovered dark brown stuff on the soap dispenser and then one time on the side of the tub. At first glance I was totally disgusted and thought oh yuck, look what I have to clean up. And then upon sniffing and memory recall, I realize it's chocolate!! And I think, that's my girl, it's chocolate all over everything!! She's taking after me!!

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