Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've finally been worn down, I'm looking forward to summer?!

I was exhausted yesterday, mentally and physically. This past week we had something every night and special activities during the day as well. Those crazy days of May for school age children where all activities culminate in special programs at this time of year. This past week was Young Author's Night, Soccer practice and game, one dance practice, two dance recital rehearsals past bedtime, end of year preschool class party, Little Gym, Field Day, and two dance recitals (the girls were in yes, separate programs) Sunday we celebrated GaGa's birthday and took her out to lunch. And now I'm spent. I have been eating and stopping when full but right now I want to eat more. I need nurturing. My throat hurts. I ran up and down stairs at the River Center Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday nights and all afternoon and evening on Saturday. I'm spent. A good kind of spent. My kids are healthy and active and involved and I enjoyed all of this activities.

With the end of May comes summer. I use to dread summer and have panic over what I was going to do with the kids for all of that time. After all of this massive end of year activity, I'm ready for a break, EVEN if that includes me being the entertainment director. I have been worn down. I only have slight anxiety over the summer. Tomorrow, Mallory graduates from Preschool. In August, she will be at her sister's school. Today she asked, "the first day after summer, I will go to Dunham?" So precious. Here's to summer, it's right around the corner.

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