Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are finished with preschool.

After five years of Mother's Day Out and one year of Preschool, we are finished. Mallory graduated yesterday! Very sweet ceremony - they wore paper caps and each class went up and had their name called and received a diploma, then they sang one too many songs about bugs. I didn't cry but was verklempt when the director gave me a rose for opening car doors in carpool which was quite fun, even in the rain. It was fun to see the fresh faces and how each was different. Some were raring to go, others were extremely reticent and had to be dragged. Some were talkative, and some were all business. The 15 minutes every Monday, made me think, hmmm, maybe I could work with children. What???!!!!

In 2004, Riley started the 2 year old Mother's Day Out program and I remember crying when I met the teacher. I was so excited and relieved to have a wonderful program for her to attend. Upon meeting the teacher, I knew we were in excellent hands. And then I teared up. So emotional, can you imagine, me, emotional?!!! After Mallory finished her year with the same teacher, I apologized to the teacher for crying and we laughed about it. We had a great 6 year run and now we are done. I will have to train the van not to drive to Jefferson Highway. I saw another mom nearly sobbing when we left the school yesterday. I understood what she was going through, but am also really freakin' happy that they will be at the same school next year. So there have been no tears yet, just a marking of the milestone.

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