Monday, May 24, 2010

Country Club A La Golightly

It's been busy, I guess it will always be busy with 2 young children at home. Riley has been sick the last four days - fever and sore throat, so summer started early. We were homebound for four days. I think that is when I decided it WOULD be a good idea to get another above ground pool. We had one for three summers but it was small - 12 feet across and then it died. Riley wasn't that into it by the end of the summer because she wanted to use her new lap skills. And two summers ago, Mallory was not into it at all when Riley wanted to go out. And I thought, let's cut back, there is a lot of maintenance, and supply cost and I don't know if they will use it. And THEN we were stuck at home for four days and it's hot again, South Louisiana humid hot, not even the full throttle sticky hot it will be. So on day 3 of being homebound, I told George I had rethought it and bam, he was out the door to go get one.

He loves the challenge of it. It is a large scale science experiment after all. And now, we have gone saltwater so this is a new twist for him. Yesterday, Riley was feeling better so we tried it out while the pool was still filling. My doubts were vanquished. They loved it and...I did too. We went out at 9am and all day except for a quick trip to Target, we played outside. This one feels much larger, and will take some adusting because it is over Mallory's head but it is not to bad to lay on a raft and float. It's actually quite peaceful if you can ignore the children. I just have to let go of all that needs to be done inside the house. And there is always something that needs to be done. Riley is back at school today for one last full day, a half day tomorrow and then a class party on Wednesday. And then summer is here for real. I'm glad I let my reservations go. I'm glad we have another playing option at home and a way to cool off. Hello Summer! I am embracing you.

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