Monday, November 5, 2012

What would your obituary say?

I read the recent obituary of a woman who also happened to be a counselor.  There was a line that said she was a lover of God, nature, books and people.

All I could was think how would people describe me?

Whoa.  Food for thought.

Do I live in a manner that says I love God?  Or nature or books or people because all of those happen to be on my list as well.  Do I reflect how much I love my husband and daughters?   My other loves are the arts: music, movies, and theatre.  I love connecting with people.  I love the fact that I can now embrace crying, laughing and vulnerability whole-heartedly!!  I love writing this blog.  I love every hard earned aha that comes my way.

I have come to understand over the last four years how I have lived in a manner for 40 years that reflected how very fearful of life that I was.  My forties started a trek of learning what LOVE is.  It takes time to build those new proteins up in the brain though.   I do hope to progressively demonstrate God's love to those around me.   I know I spent a long time having loving thoughts in my head that never came out because I didn't know how.
I'm glad I read this particular obituary.  It was a wake up call.

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