Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Think I Can, I Think I Can.

I have never been a runner, except in high school when I ran around the football field because the football team sometimes practiced there and I liked that! {big smile} It was great motivation.  Now quite a few years later... I'm thinking about running again and it would be just for me and for no one else to watch.  It's sparking my interest.

I never thought I would be pondering this, but I feel myself drawn to what runners are into.   I'm not sure if my knees will cooperate. (I have chondtrotoin at the ready) I have begun using an Ease into 5k app which I have downloaded and they ask you to do 30 minutes of a progressive run/walk three times a week.  Seems very doable.   Yet running was the least favorite part of the triathlon I tackled when I was approaching forty.

Yet is has occurred to me that the profound message I have repeated to myself over and over was that I didn't think I could do it.  I set myself up to never try.  This is what I am beginning to understand.

Before I downloaded the app, when I walked on the treadmill, I would break into short running jags for a minute at a time.   I evidently just wanted to move more.  My body is calling me to move more somehow.  I am  going to try this and see where it takes me.  I have not signed up for a 5k, I'm not ready to do that, I want to go with the flow.  I have completed the first 2 days and all is well.  I felt twinges in my feet and at first, I had panicky thoughts and the twinges went away.  And then later hours after I was done, I thought, well I'm not in pain now, all is well.

A few years ago, I injured my foot walking, yes, just plain old walking and I felt defeated.  Every day I feel a pull in my foot when I move a certain way.  I think this is my forty four year old feet talking and I must get use to it.

So for now, I am telling myself I can, until that time if it comes that my body tells me I can't.  I can, I can.  And it feels good to be sore.

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