Monday, September 16, 2013

We Have Reached Our Limit of Four Legged Friends!

 We have a new dog!  We fostered this little boy for a week and on Saturday completed the adoption paperwork. 

Why you ask?
Mallory begged for another dog and I really wanted George to have a dog that didn't shake with fear and would come running to him.  And possibly, a friend for Annie.  We have named him Brinkley and he appears to be a mix of several breeds perhaps Pomeranian, Terrier, or beagle.  He has a very sweet disposition but has a little guard dog in him which is good.

How Brinkley is different from Annie: 1) The leg goes up to pee. 2) Follows me around all day long 3) On leash outings, he walks with his head up and RUNS for squirrels, cats, etc.  4) Is more brazen but still ultimately afraid of the cats. 5) Sits in high places. 6) Licks me all the time 7) Is more excitable and playful 8) Runs after the birds and squirrels in the backyard.

Even Riley digs Brinkley.

Happily greeting George at the door!
Sits in different places than Annie.

Curls up wherever I am.

Annie comes to check out the squirrel Brinkley has found.

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