Friday, June 6, 2014

Social Media and Me…

My eldest daughter is now on Instagram.  She has been on it for a few weeks.   Instagram doesn't interest me that much.  It's just pictures.  On Facebook, you can write something about the pictures.  I like the writing.  I want to hear about the experience, not just the picture.  Pictures can really be deceiving and that is another blog.

And on Instagram, there are no links to any other writing either.  It's just pictures.  And then there's Twitter.  They limit the writing to 144 characters.  Where is that going to get me?  There are links but I have to click several times to get where I want to go and then go back to Twitter again. I'll admit those are the ones about the Housewives, though and I don't need to know that much.  And there are like 3-4 different communications going on within one tweet,  and I'm still figuring out who originated the post.  Hashtags are cute but then it takes time to decipher what the words are and some people can't spell and I get stuck trying to figure out what the heck this person is trying to say. #notclearatall

Yet, I post all my political agendas on Twitter because if someone stops following me, I won't know, because I forget to go there.  Facebook unfriending is so much more severe…  I do post things on Twitter that I want to keep at least for as long as I can find them.

I like words and have moved to a place in my life where  I like to know what people think (well some of them) and if they have proper grammar and not just what they look like.  I am slowly letting go of superficiality.

I have not been "good" at Instagram either. A few weeks back I realized that my Instagram was open for anyone to see and I had no idea how to find more people. Luckily, I had only posted one picture.  It is definitely for those who use their phones and not a laptop .  I had been trying to delve into Instagram more deeply but I was on a laptop and there seems to be no way to navigate.  That was immensely frustrating for me.  So thumbs down for Instagram.

I am aging myself out with my rigidity of words, and large screens just as all the young people have flown from Facebook because all the old people are on there now.  I am one of those old people.  I like laptops with bigger spaces.  I am a word person, not just pictures.

And that is O-kay.

Except I have to watch what is going on with the young people, especially my young people.  I must not be so rigid that I won't at least check it out before I diss it.   And figure it out enough to see what my peeps are up to.


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