Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The DVR and My Soul Being Covered By A Thousand Veils

It's Memorial Day 2014.  I have a cold.  I was in bed all day yesterday and I read and watched TV.   The most physical thing I did was get up and go to the kitchen to find food to feed myself, because of course, the family rallied to take care of me.


I digress.  Needing to rest, my activity in the horizontal position was to clean up my DVR.  I was determined to get rid of the shows I evidently don't want to watch because I had them taped for weeks or months.  And then there are the Super Soul Sundays.  I don't watch them in a timely manner, yet I know they are good for me.  I resist them but…

They never disappoint.

This one was an interview with Elizabeth Lesser, the author of Broken Open.  She had recently given her bone marrow to keep her sister alive.  She asked her sister to go to therapy so that they could work through their sister baggage.  She wanted the bone marrow to be released and received in the most positive and healthy ways possible.  Oprah asked what was the biggest lesson she learned from all of it:

I am enough, just who I am, just showing up.

My soul is enough. Not what I do, not who I am. (not what I wear, what I drive, what my job is, what my house looks like, what restaurant I eat ate, etc.)

We think we have to BE someone, to do something to get that acceptance we so look for everywhere but in ourselves.  As Elizabeth Lesser says our "golden, radiant core is enough."

That is what it all boils down to. We arrive in this world as beautiful lights of being and then we become veiled to our selves and our souls over time from various messages from those around us and society. We are told to be quiet (a veil comes down), not show our emotions, (another veil) etc.  Oprah and Elizabeth talk about a quote from Hazrat Inayat Khan about "the soul being covered by a thousand veils")
And yet we already have our own answers to who we are and what we can do (as Glinda the Good Witch says in the Wizard of Oz said - "You had it in you all along").  Elizabeth says there are many way to peel back the veils: psychotherapy, coaching as well as getting healthy physically.  Our unhealthy bodies are a veil.

And Oprah says: our bodies are a literal shield. 


My Aha came speeding down the pike: I think my weight is a literal shield of a boundary to keep people away until I can maintain the boundaries that I need on my own.   The weight in the past has kept me from trying new things and new activities.  I am learning to have boundaries with other's expectations of me.  What others think of me, and expect of me is not my concern.  I am learning to disengage from it and it is a slow evolution.

Irregardless, my golden radiant core is enough.  Thank you Super Soul Sunday!

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