Monday, April 13, 2009

Secrets of Moms

Oprah had on a very interesting show about motherhood recently, I don't know what the title was but there were some zingers from "real" moms. Moms admitted to "dirty little secrets." Some of them were really funny because they hit home, hard.

1- One mom admitted to skipping pages while reading to a young child at bedtime. In the past I did feel a little guilty that I would be messing up my child's ability to read and comprehend if I skipped pages or made up words to go with the pictures which sometimes was more work than reading the actual words. I realized that I am able to read complete pages correctly and have no idea of what I just read. I would like to thank my college education for that - that must be where I picked up the skill.

2- Another mom admitted to crying like there was an actual death in the family upon acquisition of a mini-van. I didn't cry but I sure felt sad. Mini-vans are so functional but hot, they are not. Maybe they are so cold, they are hot. All I know is that I'm already planning my next hybrid vehicle but my husband likes to drive cars for 10 years or more so, and he says he will drive the minivan. I can't allow that man to drive a minivan. It will damage his DNA in some way. I've already let my pride go, and he is already driving my handed down girly Highlander due to an accident. He gets the next car and it will be HOT!

3- a mom talked about how the nether regions were no longer an "in" site, they were an "out" sight as in, a human came out of the region and there would be no more incoming. This is an open blog site so I feel that I will not share a lot on this topic but there were times I agreed with her wholeheartedly especially when I was breastfeeding. That could be a whole topic in and of itself. I remember having to pick the nipples up and point them forward in the bra as they were so mashed up, they were heading south. Time and gravity are already doing that job but it seems like during breastfeeding it was amplified greatly.

These are my secrets:
4. My children don't always get baths everyday or every other day for that matter. If there is visible evidence of the need for a bath, that is what the leftover baby wipes are for.

5. I let my youngest child wear a nightgown during the day, in fact many different nightgowns over the course of the day. She just likes nightgowns. Who can blame her? They are very comfortable. I would wear one on the days we don't leave the house but I need support in the upper regions.

6. I really don't go goo goo over babies. I have a massive postpartum depression reflex and they scare the crap out of me. They are beautiful miracles (and I KNOW that) but I don't want to hold one. It brings back a boatload of anxiety.

7. I am very grateful that both of my children like yogurt because that seems to be the most nutritious food that they will get some days. Their diet is so limited to chicken fingers (or nuggets depending on the restaurant!), fish sticks, macaroni and cheese and let me not forget, GOLDFISH. I was actually delighted when Riley decided she liked a Lean Cuisine that had chicken, pasta and sauce, even with the salt it was more well rounded.

Those are some of mine that I can remember right now, do you have any mom secrets????

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  1. My dirty, smelly motherhood secret....sometimes I forget that my son pooped his diaper. I mean, I know he poops because I can hear it, but then I get distracted by Ellen, Oprah, emails, etc. and I forget to change him. One time he fell asleep and it was like 2 hours later when I changed him. HA!