Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Five Tibetan Rites

At yoga on Friday, I was introduced to the five Tibetan Rites. I have been going to yoga for a couple of months now, again. After the last yoga session, I told my good friend that if I ever hesitated in going to yoga again, for her to tell me. "GO." I will appreciate it afterwards. Why do I hesitate in doing something that I know will benefit me greatly? Yoga is beginning to teach me a lot and it's one of those exercises that is good for the body, the mind and the soul and you can't get much better than that.

It has taken several years to get to this understanding of yoga. At first, I took yoga to relieve stress so that I could try to procreate. (Just a little pressure there to relax!) I had a hard time as I had been conditioned to do cardio in the form of treadmill or aerobics, and this yoga practice was very foreign. I'm not sure how long I practiced but then I did achieve conception and that ended my ability to practice yoga for years! Now seven or so years later, I have begun the practice again. Last spring I attended several beginner classes which was just my speed, and I thought, hmmmmm, maybe there is something to this. Then the summer schedule blew away my opportunites to practice once again.

On Friday, the fabulous teacher, Carmen took us through the five Tibetan rites and I had never been exposed to this. She told us that if practiced everyday, these are anti-aging exercises. The Tibetans live, (have lived?) to 150 years of age. Well, now as an information seeker, I HAVE to do research on them. I have always read about the benefits of yoga as well as Pilates. I am now practicing yoga and Pilates each once a week. That is what I can fit in and last week I rearranged my schedule for something important(?) and missed yoga. I realized that I must stick to the schedule. I HAVE to do it for me. I really, really missed it, and I felt off. When I walk out of the Y, I feel like my body and muscles have been well used and are achy but also feel so renewed and refreshed. And now I realize I want to adopt some form of a Tibetan practice, and that a disciplined approach is good for staying young. But then the summer will come around and the kids schedule will interfere...but maybe I will be a little further along in my practice and be able to do it on my own until I can hold out for Fall.

I hope that I am able to keep up the yoga practice until I am old, really old. When I look around the room, everyone in there is calm and serene. Such a difference from Boot Camp, or Muscle Works. That calmness is something that I long for and will continue to pursue.

This is probably NOT a link to a sample DVD of the Tibetan Rites - but you can find it on You Tube if you want. The first step is twirling!!!

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