Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They are just not that into me

I need a new cleaning lady. The last one gave notice last week as she is moving to another state. I watched the movie, "He's just not that into you" over the weekend and I really liked it. It was really well acted for what it was and it made me think back to my dating days. And why, was I so stupid to wait around for guys to call but that's another story. This IS related to my need for a new cleaning lady. This is the point, why when you finally are on the phone with the person that you desperately need to talk to does your three year old absolutely positively screams about the NEED for you to sew Princess Jasmine's necklace back together that second?

Back to the movie, I called a couple of house cleaners that I got numbers for and I've been waiting for them to call back and I could not help but think that I'm experiencing the movie. They just must not be in to me, right, but herein lies the problem, they are not calling back but I've never met them so how can they not be in to me?

I did meet up with one, and was completely and utterly shocked at how much she wanted me to pay them, and then I had to digest it, talk to their references which were very good and accept, that this just might be what I have to fork over. And there are not that many good house cleaners that are dependable, trustworthy and do a good job. (And more importantly these other ladies aren't calling back!) So I call back three times and leave three messages and the last message I sort of begged, "let's just give it a try!"

Finally, she calls back on my cell while Mallory is falling apart about the necklace and I can't hear a thing the lady is saying. The lady just keeps talking and how she thinks that I can hear what she is saying with the noise in the background, I don't know? I ask her if I can call back on my home phone. So I get Mallory squared away, with a little threatening on top, and I dial the lady's number and it goes directly to voice mail. Aaarrrggghhhh! I leave another message! but think again and call right back and this time she answers and what she says is, "I did get your messages, can I call you back again this afternoon when I'm finished with work" Smaller Aarrgghh! (Right when I will have both of my children in my car getting them dressed after swim lessons and I won't be able to hear her again)

So I'm in limbo, waiting for the phone to ring, but that is okay, if she really wants to be with me, she will get in touch with me and I have to believe that if it doesn't work out, there are other fish out there in the sea for me and I will meet the right one.

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  1. An update, the first lady and I had clear communication difficulties after she finally did call back, yet she ended the relationship by hanging up on me, which was fine because my gut was saying this was not good. I am now in another cleaning relationship, but it is too early to tell.