Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breastfeed until Menopause??

I will be forty one years of age in August, and I will say it out loud and proud. My mother has never been ashamed of her age or her grey hair which she has never colored. Yet I will draw the line at the hair. I will not let my hair go grey, but I am a dirty "blonde" and the highlights tend to cover what has begun springing up anyway. So I have no real problem with aging, except for one little tensy thing. When the heck is my face going to stop breaking out???

This is not a pretty topic and I stopped using the word zit back in my twenties, a long time ago because I thought it was an ugly word. I began referring to them as blemishes or spots which to me sounds less ugly but the reality is still not a pretty one. And anyone who is my age and still has this problem knows what I'm talking about. You get older, way past the teenage years and one thinks, it is supposed to stop happening but the dermatologist will tell you the truth, acne is not just for teenagers.

I know when I have a breakout, it seems to be cycle related. And these days, I happen to be having some form of PMS while this breakout occurs. It is a lethal combination if there ever was one. Sometimes, I am late leaving the house because I don't want to deal with putting makeup on my face and trying to cover up those "spots." I do know they are hormonally related, because when I was pregnant and for the year afterwards while I was breastfeeding and had no periods, I had not one breakout. I didn't realize how freaking good I had it. No periods, no breakouts, no mood swings (the around the clock breastfeeding every 2-3 hours for 6 months, oh yeah that was also easy!!!) So therefore, I must deduce that this will stop when I'm in menopause? Everything will dry up then? I guess, then for me, that is something I will look forward to about the big M. one has to dream!!

Or I could get pregnant again (because it was so easy the first time!) and breastfeed until I'm in menopause. Vasectomies can be reversed right???

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  1. As far as Blog titles go, I think "Breastfeed until Menopause??" is one of the best.