Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Snot

Months ago when I was trying a kundlini yoga class, I heard this song and it intrigued me. I asked for the name from the yoga teacher and it was unusual. Last week, I was in my mothership, Barnes and Noble and heard the song again and it was time to look it up. The singer is named Snatam Kaur. Yes, all I could think about was snot. But the melody was calling me. So I found the song which was seven minutes long. Seven minutes long!!...Why is it so long???

He, he, he. Well, the reason that it is seven minutes long is because of it's nature as a chant as part of Sikh devotional music. All I kept thinking was it just goes on and on repeating itself. Because...it's a chant. Then I read about the Sikh religion and it was fascinating. In my journey of "going lighter," I am open to reading other materials and finding what I like. Being open minded is a rather new concept to me!! I use to drag myself down with feeling judged, and now it is very freeing. I am worrying less and less about what others think and thus I don't judge others either!! Funny how that happens. So I am open to studying other belief systems. Take on those that intrigue me and the let the others fall by the wayside.

This Sikh religion believes in one creator, "Energy" and they have gurus who teach their beliefs. I have always liked the word guru. They also have a holy trinity: to practice meditation daily, to live honestly and earn by ones physical and mental effort while accepting God's gifts and blessings. And share their wealth within the community.

The next facts are what I found most interesting:
Kill the Five Thieves: The Sikh Gurus tell us that our mind and spirit are constantly being attacked by the Five Evils – Kam (Lust), Krodh (Rage), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) and Ahankar (Ego). A Sikh needs to constantly attack and overcome these five vices.
Positive Human Qualities: The Sikh Gurus taught the Sikhs to develop and harness positive human qualities which lead the soul closer to God and away from evil. These are: Sat (Truth); Daya (Compassion); Santokh (Contentment); Nimrata (Humility); and Pyare (Love).

In my journey, I have found myself drawn to MY truth, peace, contentment and finding out what true love is, ie. what an intimate relationship really looks like. That is the way I want to "be present" with my children and those loved ones around me. It is new territory for me. And ironically (?!), I continue to see God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a new way. God has stopped being "out there." When I take the time to be still, get rid of all of the distractions, meditate, God is there, he is always there. And there is peace and contentment even though other "issues" in life go on. It is pretty amazing. I think that is why I was drawn to this music....this seven minute long chant!!!

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