Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fiber, My Friend

These are a few of the medications that I used two weeks ago to combat abdominal pain that ended up being diagnosed as diverticulitus. There was a trip to Urgent Care and then George and I spent quality time in the ER overnight as I underwent all kinds of fun tests. The radiology tech thought I was way too interested in the size of my ovarian follicles, and might be interested in baby making. I had to explain that it was just going down memory lane for me to look and measure my follicles from our infertility days.

During this experience, I was reminded that antibiotics given to improve your condition can kick your behind even worse. Migraines, dizziness, nausau, metallic taste, stuff. But I also learned to ask friends for help and they obliged. Some even offered themselves up without me asking. I couldn't drive to pick up my kids or actually take care of them and I had wonderful friends step in. I was so thankful and humbled. Mmmmwwwaaahhh.

Yesterday in the CVS aisle, while I am in the process of learning how to treat my colon better, I deliberated about choosing the best fiber supplement. Who knew there were so many types of fiber products? I had not anticipated having to do this at age 42...but what are you gonna do? I chose the fruity chewables, will see how it goes.

Aging, it's a fun, fun thing. I also will be having my first colonoscopy in a few weeks. We need to make sure that my colon infection was actually diverticulitus which would be the best case scenario at this point. I had been hoping for an ovarian cyst but that fell through. So I will clear things out to get an even better look at my colon. I will report on the experience for you.

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