Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Recap

Loved Anne and James in the opening video because it was hilarious and I had put my time in with those movies. Even the 10 minutes that I watched of Inception helped. They may not have been fantastic hosts but they are good actors.

I learned that is was one actor who played the rowing twins in Social Network who end up suing Mark Zuckerberg. Go figure. Had no idea. How did I miss that fact?

Also, Michelle Williams is BFF with the blond girl from Cougar Town. Who knew? They were on Dawson's Creek together. I love IMDB. I may have to break down and buy into IMDB Pro. I just didn't see the film actress Michelle with the sitcom actress Busy. That's her name.

Love that Academy Award Screenplay Writer Winner Aaron Sorkin has difficulty with guinea pigs as well!!! Love it!!!

Anne Hathaway can belt it out beautifully, and I know she is not a comedienne but she laughed at her own jokes too much and clapped a little too long. But she's young and I wanted to laugh with her, she is so likeable. And she is freaking in her 20's and HOSTED THE OSCARS!! Way to go Anne!

Jennifer Hudson's breasts look awkward. I can't get the picture next to the words here but you know who she is.

I use to think that Helena Bonham Carter needed to work on her style. She always dresses offbeat. It hit me while watching the red carpet, that I totally look up to her now. She dresses the way she sees fit and doesn't care what the whiny fashionistas critically judging everyone says. She is comfortable enough in her own skin to be herself and it doesn't hurt that I did love her in "The King's Speech."

I'm beginning to think that one year, I need to book a trip to CA and sit in the stands and watch the spectacle. Do you think George will go for it?

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