Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love this movie. Recently, I viewed a "Cosmo's Moon" and I put a line of the song, "That's Amore" on FB. I found a few others who knew what I was referring to and loved the movie as well. And then there was one who thought I was losing my mind.

It came on cable recently, I taped it and watched it in parts, and I loved it all over again. It is so well acted!!! Many of my favorite parts are in this clip.

Favorite moments:
Of course - "Snap out of it"

When Cher takes the grey out of her hair and goes fancy for the opera. And looking at it now - how young they were.

When Olympia Dukakis tells her husband than it's doesn't matter what he does he is still going to die.

When the grandfather says he is confused at the end and then he invites Johnny to be part of the celebration and Johnny is excited to participate in the toast.

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