Monday, March 14, 2011

New Growth

George and I and the girls worked on the backyard on Saturday which was a jungle. We had a lot of overgrown weeds, dead bushes. It looked awful as you can see. The grass needed to be cut badly and it had rained for days which prevented that. We had leftover residual from the remodel in the form of landscape bricks, regular bricks, paint cans, and grout mix hanging out in piles. And let me preface this with, I DO NOT enjoy yard work. I have heard the saying you either are a person who enjoys gardening or you are not. I thought I fell in to the category of "not" and then, Saturday occurred.

I knew the work needed to be done and I knew George needed help. And ever since we added on within our old patio space we are looking more closely than ever at our backyard everyday. I got instructions from George in what to do with the bed that I was focused on. Clear the weeds from the dead bush and then cut the bush back. Not an easy task because they were all intertwined.

All I could start thinking was oh my, this feels like something profound and therapeutic going on before my eyes. The weeds are in here (negative self talk that crops in and has to be whacked away), the dead bushes (old negative thought patterns that have to go that are being replaced by new more positive thought patterns) and then hiding underneath, the tiny new growth (the small voice that I am learning to listen and pay attention to instead of the other junk) The voice is small and sometimes I can't always hear it when I let the busyness of life drown it out.


It took us 3 hours to do the prep work for him to be able to cut the grass and weed eat but then it felt like a new backyard. There is still much work to be done, but the space is much cleaner and neater and lovely to enjoy. Who knows, maybe I will develop a small affinity to the dirt work. We will see, time will tell. But either way, it's okay.

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