Friday, December 23, 2011

My "Pretty Room" Updates

Before and After: Here are the latest changes to the foyer area, the white curtains had been in place since the previous owners put them in 20ish years ago and were coming apart. We purchased a new rug and my interior decorator used my old gold Pottery Barn silk curtains to make roman shades. The old PB ones had many, many indicators that kids and cats live here so we do have new rules for the "pretty areas" of the house. No food, no pens, no markers, etc.

And now the Dining Room:

The pictures can't do this space justice but we bought a beautiful new rug of soothing tones,
painted the formerly pale yellow room the same color as the living room and
the ceiling at 50% of that same color, and had new curtains made of a silky blue green
iridescent fabric. They even have pretty little tassels and are lighter in color than the living room
curtains. In the living room, there is one side of shelves where a television use to be and I didn't
know what to do with the space. Emery suggested a lamp on top of books which we walked
around and collected from what I had, and I found other pieces to go there. I LOVE having that
lamp there, it softens the room to turn just it on and makes it cozy. So for now, I am done
with my pretty inside areas and the next step is to the outside of the house where some painting
needs to take place in the front areas. And this will probably involve new gutters which is just not as much fun
but necessary.

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