Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Snake Slithers By

I had been immensely enjoying our backyard.  We had put up our summer pool, and the kids were really enjoying it.  We planted flowers.  I would sit and appreciate the spring time and feel God's closeness in our little square footage of nature in suburbia.  I watched the grass turn green, listened to the birds, spotted a slug making its way across the concrete, it was wonderful.

And then comes the snake.

Uggghh.  My husband excitedly beckoned me to come see something and the girls were going bonkers.  I thought what is this?  And IT was on our back porch.  I watched it slither, and what a good word that is.  It is so creepy to observe.  So quiet, so stealth and it turned my stomach immensely.  I had never seen a snake in the vicinity of where I lived.  As I shared my snake story, I heard multiple stories from friends who had one in their bedrooms, living rooms and backyards.  This may be the first but it will not be the last time I spot a snake.

It occurred to me, this is life.  You begin to think you are coasting along and whammy, life throws a wrench.  The girls have not wanted to go outside since then, more than a month ago.  I didn't want to go either and yet as I talked to one of my neighbors, it dawned on me how I handle this is how the girls will.  My neighbor would have preferred us to catch and release in her yard than kill it which is what I ordered George to do.  She said her dad sat her down and explained all about snakes and may have even handled them.  So we had a talk about how to handle it- our style.  Basically with my girls when we see another snake, I know it will end up being scream and run.

Another friend said, "the only good snake is a dead snake."  I am caught in between.  I know snakes have a purpose but I don't know which are poisonous and which are harmless.  I just know they are all creepy.  We have been slow to go to the backyard.  When we first saw the snake, I was looking everywhere vigilantly and now I have slacked off.  I want it to wear off because I want to continue enjoying our yard.  I know there will be snakes and it is all in the way you look at it.

Buddha was right.  If I think it is bad, it will be.  If I think, I will be okay when I see another snake, I will be.  I have to put that in practice and repeat that to myself over and over.  Snakes and wrenches are a part of life, it will be okay.

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