Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No more minivan!!

We said goodbye to the minivan at the beginning of June.  The A/C went out and the car was seven years old.  We bought the minivan in January 2005 when we knew we were pregnant with Mallory and in that same week George's car had been rear ended.  As we  started negotiating on the new SUV,  I was verklempt for a few minutes. I felt sadness letting it go, Mallory came home from the hospital in this car.  We bought this car because we knew Grandma could get in and out of it easily.  And now it was time to say goodbye.

Though it only took about 30 minutes in the new car to let the van go completely!!

As we cleaned the van out, I realized how disgustingly dirty it was.  Had I really driven around in something that was so unclean and not noticed?  I guess in comparison to the brand new vehicles it was shocking.

Many things look different with a new perspective.

The filth was seven years of a baby and toddler and kids.   I plan to keep this one cleaner.  I bought leather wipes in high hopes.  Mallory already spilled red Icee within a day of it's newness.  This is life with kids.  Now I will hand her the wipe to clean it up.

The new SUV has been a lesson for me, as most things can be if I bring awareness to it.  I had a hard time spending over my self imposed limit for a car.  I had a line for the last couple of years as we knew this day was coming.  We had the money to buy the really nice one but for me worthiness and money go hand in hand.  It was instilled in me that my worth was tied to money. That is why I haven't been ready for a budget from our financial advisor.  Money and love are very much intertwined as is food.  Food is how I have primarily nurtured myself and I'm unlearning that and money is not so far behind.

I could tell George was open and really excited about the luxury SUV.  I drove a less expensive one that had all the bells and whistles and I could have rolled with that one yet George really liked the quiet of the more expensive one.  I looked at him and said, "Do you want to treat ourselves a little?" and he said, "Yes."  So I drove the top two on my list and narrowed down to the one that was more fun to drive.

The SUV is a treat and I do have moments that I think it is too much especially when I think of how others perceive it and then I stop.  This was our money, our treat and I really appreciate it but know it is just a car...a really fun car.

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