Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leaning Back

I had an aha experience while a "discussion"was going on.  George and I were having a disagreement and I utterly emotionally detached from it but remained completely in it.  I kept thinking to myself, I'm not getting upset, I'm not getting mad, how is this happening?   I can get really heated and yell and curse (sometimes) in an argument but in this one, when he raised his voice, I didn't match it.  Normally, a raised voice pushes every one of my buttons but this time, I stayed calm.  I was just aware of what was going on.

We discussed it briefly later in the day calmly and came to agreements about how we react to situations and each other.  It was a peaceful resolution.  I love that this is our work in progress.  We communicate and discuss our feelings and we listen to each other.

The below video is fantastic!  It describes the process so well.  I love, love, love the description of leaning back - does he even say that or is that how I picture it.  It is to me the full representation of having boundaries.  God bless boundaries!

In the still and quiet, there is God and that intuition comes forth and gives direction.  Good, good stuff.

This is Michael Singer on Super Soul Sunday on OWN channel.  His book is "The Untethered Soul"  I haven't read it but of course, own it and what he has said in interviews has resonated deeply with me.  I can only watch so much and then I take the time to absorb it.  Good, good stuff!

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