Monday, October 15, 2012

It Just Takes Time...

Isn't it ironic how the state of your house reflects what is going on in your life personally?

This summer we undertook a major bath remodel and now things are progressing in that way where you continue to see things that need changing and the process goes on in smaller ways.

Once the Master Bath remodel decision was made, that was it, we are not going anywhere.  We have dug in and decided to make this our home for the next decade.  We got a new wood floor in our bedroom, the girls got new granite counters and mirrors in their bathrooms.  We are systematically changing out the fixtures throughout the house to bronze.  First it was door handles and this weekend, George changed out 57 door hinges.

And then, I begin to look at furniture.  I decided that the bright blue comfortable reclining chair and a half, does not fit the vision in the keeping room anymore.  George concurred and I began looking at fabrics.  I'm trying to match what is in the room already: flooring, paint, rug, couch and wall hanging.

The issue at hand is a large tapestry.  I bought it several years ago and I was quite proud of my purchase.  Designing my home space has moved from being daunting to quite exciting and challenging in a good way over the years.  Twelve years ago, the tapestry looked good.  Yet now I'm looking at the fabrics for the new chair and some of them are really appealing to me yet something is holding me back.  The ones I really like do not work with the whole room.

After I complained about "matching things", my designer finally suggests that I just need to take that tapestry off the wall.

That thought hadn't occurred to me.

What was once useful no longer works.

I thought the task of changing out 57 door hinges was herculean.  Counting the number that you need, getting to the store, and finding the "right" ones at the store.  George amazed me with drill in hand, how fast he changed out each one.   I was willing to put off this task for a long time because it was just too much, yet having all the parts match, looks so good.

A profound thought occurs...  Why have I always thought, "oh no, that's too much" before I think of the possibilities of taking action and saying "yes" first.  I have ALWAYS thought "I can't" before I have thought "I can."  For my whole life it seems I have operated from a place of no.  These NO thoughts have held me back and cluttered my brain with negativity for so long.  Yet, they are dissipating slowly and surely.

The tapestry is down and folded and will be donated.  The mission of finding just the right piece(s) has commenced.  One piece of art has already been bought and returned.  Upon walking out of the store with the second option, I glance up at the outside display, spotting just the right pieces and know that I will be back again to return what I just bought.

It takes time and practice to get it right, in the house and in the mind.

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