Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well, Who Knew This Was Coming?

I had ultrasounds on Monday.  These are the first steps in figuring out where my body is and where I am in relation to....

This is where I would insert:  dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh....

Menopause (or really perimenopause to be correct)

It feels like I am beginning the journey of perimenopause.  My periods have gotten closer together in the last year and have gotten pretty heavy.  My breasts are tender for two weeks prior.  My acne is flaring up even on antibiotics that use to work.  And the thing that really drove me to action was mood swings.

With all of the changes due to aging the one shining star is that I am getting wiser.

I have done so much work to allow my feelings to flow through, I cannot tolerate what feels like an alien coming in and changing my personality.    Yes, I have a low tolerance for mood swings, that's me.

From what I hear and read, I am probably estrogen dominant and my progesterone production has slowed down.  Who knew that if those hormones do not stay in their delicate balance all hell breaks loose.  I bet those women who were burned at the stake for being witches did.  As George lovingly pointed out the term, hysterectomy.  Being out of balance does bring hysteria for some women and with good reason.

Years ago, I watched The Oprah Show with Dr. Christian Northrup and Suzanne Sommers.  They discussed bioidentical hormones among other things.  I am so glad I had this prior lesson so that is it easier to make decisions now.

From the ultrasound, I found out I had small fibroids, a slightly enlarged uterus and a complex cyst on my right ovary that needs a repeat ultrasound.  Not what I was expecting but luckily the treatment is the same for fibroids and approaching menopause and estrogen dominance...progesterone cream.  It is going to be my new friend.

Yesterday, I got the results from bloodwork on cycle day 3.  I can add slightly anemic to the growing list of symptoms and my FSH is in perimenopausal range.  The anemia really makes sense because I do feel like I have been dragging lately.  I thought I was just feeling old.

Now, on to a saliva test on Cycle Day we can get the treatment started.  I really want to start rubbing the progesterone cream into my arm so as to start the process but I have to wait until I have the test done to get an accurate reading.

Good things come to those who wait.  I didn't think progesterone would be on my list of good things so soon!!

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