Friday, September 28, 2012

Maria Shriver and Pedestals

This weekend I heard a blip about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his new book and when Maria found out about the affair and the son he had with their housekeeper.  What startled me was that Maria found out during a therapy appointment as the therapist announced to Arnold that Maria wanted to know if that was his son. For me, it was that the therapist addressed it with Arnold and not Maria directly addressing Arnold.  In my mind, Maria was a tough cookie and would not have to have the therapist address it.  She's a Kennedy, for gosh sakes.  She's been a journalist. She's been friends with Oprah for years and years.  Why didn't she go to him directly or ask him directly in front of the therapist?

But none of those factors of being a Kennedy, etc. make her super human.  That was just my interpretation and gosh knows, I have had wrong interpretations about other people and more importantly, myself.  I have tended to put some people on pedestals.  And when I put other people on pedestals, that means they are above me.  Somehow, they were better than me, more together, had more friends, thinner, etc.

And I did not need to do that.

It's a really profound realization that everyone is equal.

Really, everyone is equal.  Some people have more money, nicer house, power, etc. but they are equally as human as the rest of us.  God created "them" just like he created me.  They put their pants on one leg at at a time.  They have to pee and poop just like the rest of us.  They will need a colonoscopy one day if they live long enough.

Maria had inquired about Arnold's infidelity but he had not responded truthfully and she used a third party to finally get to the truth.  No one really knows the truth about another person's marriage except the two people in the marriage.

I have been using a "third party" to come to the absolute truth that I am lovable, worthy and there are no need for pedestals.

It's a work in progress but one that I am learning to embrace.

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