Thursday, January 2, 2014

Can I Leave the White Lights Up All Year?

My first post of 2014!! I didn't make my quota of meeting the same number of posts as the previous year.  Oh well.

Today is the second day of the new year.  Last night, I was thinking that it was time to work to take the Christmas decorations down.  And I'm not looking forward to that task.  I cleaned up for nearly two hours yesterday morning and that didn't even begin to touch the Christmas decorations.  The house is just ransacked.  But that is what it looks like when we are home for two weeks straight.

The last couple of years I haven't helped to put the ornaments on the tree.  The kids did it with George.  I did help pick out the three, get it straight but I was working on other things around the house.  And that makes me a little sad.  But I will purposely help take them down, because I enjoy all of the ornaments.  Most of them are from places we visited as well as ones made by the kids.  Each one is a special gift and memory.

This morning when I awoke, and began to mentally prepare to clean up more,  I walked into the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised by the white lights still twinkling outside the window.  For each day the decorations are still up, I get to enjoy the white lights.

I love these lights.  

I love the light in the darkness, especially if I end up walking the dogs at night.  Wow, could that be any more symbolic?  The light in the darkness.  I won't push George to get those off the gutters and maybe even try to slow him down on that one.

 I do want to get the dead tree out of the house, but I don't mind living with the twinklies for a little longer.

Well dear readers, I appreciate each and every one of you and wish for you the blessings of a new year!

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