Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learning How to Parent From The Obedience Trainer

My children have taught me the most about unconditional love.  They came into this world as I planned for them.  They look at me, expecting love and guidance unceasingly and they give it back to me with their whole hearts.  They NEED me more than anything has ever needed me.  It is an awesome responsibility and privilege.

I had to learn to have boundaries with them.  They need boundaries and I didn't know how to do that.  I had instincts but didn't know how to follow through.  I have learned so much in this area the last few years.

On a lighter note, the dogs are teaching me in the parts where I missed the lessons with the girls and needed secondary training…

Annie has been in our house since Father's Day 2012.  She owned the entire house.  She slept in our beds and sat on our furniture and peed and pooed on our carpet even though she was given other options to do so outside.  I never thought to confine her to one area.  Well, we did put her in the crate a couple of times in the very beginning and she howled and we didn't use it after that.

All we needed to do was not let her own the house…

And then came Brinkley, the barker and biter, who blew everything out the water.  I had to learn boundaries and in a hurry.  With the assistance of a very competent dog trainer, we had to teach him, that we, the humans, are in charge of the house!  Could the lesson be any more appropriate?  This issue WAS my issue.  Was I, the mother,  in charge of my own home?

I didn't own my own power.  I didn't know how to listen to my God given instincts.   The instincts serve me so well and I had to clear my head of thought processes that didn't work for me at all.

I now regular put Brinkley on a leash with a correction collar when we have guests and I have to knock him in the nose if he misbehaves.  This is uncomfortable but I see how totally necessary it is. We now confine Annie on a regular basis and there has been less dog pee in our house.  We instruct her to go potty outside and give her treats when she does.  It is a high maintenance training for the long haul.  She's an old dog learning new tricks.  Just like me.  I'm well seasoned but still so happy to be learning.


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