Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Power of Energy - Revisiting Newton's Third Law

Last night, I attend an LSU Ladies Gymnastics Meet.  It was proven to me once again Newton's Third Law of Motion.

What you put out, will come back.

I wrote about it here in September 2012. back

The young lady in this video is Lloimincia Hall.  I saw her "perform" last year or the year before and I knew that it would be good exceeded all my expectations and made me believe again!!  And luckily, LSU Gymnastics loaded the video so I could watch it over and over.  Riley can tell you how tired she is of listening to it.

But I'm not.

Ms. Hall takes to the mat and expects you to engage in her floor routine and I for one, can't help but get fully engrossed.  The self confidence and swagger just exudes from her demeanor.  She owns the floor. I LOVE it!

I'm sure I respond because for one, I had such little self confidence growing up and two, I am more open and responsive now.

And it doesn't hurt that she threw in a little "Earth Wind and Fire!"

And they beat Alabama.

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