Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Goodbye Girl and 1977 Is Calling Me

God gives small little signals to let me know I'm on the right path and I'm learning to be aware to see them, feel them and take them in.  It's a little hug of acknowledgement from the Divine one.

Over the weekend, my mother told me about an Oscar special on TMC.  I love Oscar time as you know.  In looking at the cable guide, I see "The Goodbye Girl" movie was on the same channel and on a lark, I taped that too.  On Monday afternoon, when I am sitting in carpool listening to the LOVE channel,  David Gates comes on singing "The Goodbye Girl."  (Hmmm)

The melody just sticks in my brain and stirs the great romantic in me.  Yesterday, I began watching the movie again as I had seen it many years ago and Marsha Mason draws me in.  Even through celluloid, I am moved, touched, and enamored with someone and I'm not sure why.  If I dig into it, I usually find out some connection. So of course, I look her up on IMDB and see that she hasn't been in many movies lately.  She was divorced from Neil Simon and that I had recently watched her on "The Middle" as Frankie's mother but no other big revelations.

On to this morning, I turn on Oprah's radio channel sometimes after I drop off the girls in carpool (because they do not want to listen to Oprah!). When there is something good on I will listen on my phone while I walk the dogs.  Today, it was an Oprah shows from 2001 and I hear a female voice talking about subjects near and dear to my heart.  And I think, who is this?

And then I hear Oprah call her Marsha.

Really! Are you kidding me?

Why is this 1977 movie stalking me?  LOL

I am able to rewind and listen from the beginning of Marsha Mason's segment.  She talks about making friends with fear.  That we generally run from it (our compulsions!!), but she found she had to stop, sit down and be with those feelings alone.   Oprah called it riding the waves.  Marsha said that many intense emotions can come up.  (Yep!)  She also talks about living her life as a half (as in half of a couple) and having her identity was from being an actress and when the roles dried up and she was divorced, she didn't know who she was anymore.  Her journey was to be a whole person.  She advised the use of a life coach, a therapist, a priest, and someone piped up and said...a dog! (grin)

Whenever I hear someone describe the same journey that I have been on in their own terms, it's so heartening.   This journey I'm on can feel isolating and alone at times because it's rare to come upon people who talk about consciousness in my daily walk with carpool, science projects, basketball games and laundry. Yet, my heart leaps for joy when I randomly (or not so randomly)  hear it!  I didn't go looking for it necessarily, but it found me in a roundabout way.

And I had to giggle when I saw Richard Dreyfuss in the movie practicing meditation with incense and chanting.  Mindfulness presented through comedy.  His character, Elliott Garfield says "I am not nervous. Because I have meditated, I am relaxed, calm and confident." I watched the movie years ago, so I'm sure this settled in my psyche somehow.  And of course, I'm in a meditation class right now.


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