Monday, July 13, 2009

Recombobulation Area

On our way back from Chicago, after passing through security in the Milwaukee airport, I saw this sign. It screamed blog title to me. Have you ever seen a sign with this written on it??? I love to use the word discombobulate, because it just sounds like a funny word. For me, it is another way of saying, "Time to Golightly." And it is the perfect word for putting it back together again. This is my new theme word!!!

Today, after 8 days of vacation and now the third day of VBS, the girls and I need recombobulation. I am so tired and Riley must be tired and I KNOW Mallory was tired. Riley threw a complete fit when we were leaving the church today and I think VBS overstimulates her. There are 400 kids there and we have had playdates after the first two days and it is too much for her (and me). I must be reaching a state of recombobulation in my life because I wasn't even that mortified by Riley's behavior. I doled out her consequences, and kept adding them on when they weren't working. And now she is calm after her time of chilling out and consequences.

There are so many things I could be doing right now, washing clothes & sorting clothes, grocery shopping, picking up the house, exercising, calling friends but I NEED to recombobulate. I am worn out, my legs are aching, my brain is tired and I need to rejuvenate. I do need to make sure the kids are fed, and have clean clothes for tomorrow and occupied! and I realize they need down time in our own house, just us by ourselves. They need to be bored. I need the same thing. After typing this, I am going to lay down for as long as I possibly can. I love VBS but it is as overstimulating to me as it is to Riley. She loves it though, that is why we vacationed the week before to work around the VBS schedule. She didn't want to miss it. But now we MUST recombobulate. I am going to let the guilt go and relax as much as the children will let me.

I just googled recombobulation to make sure I had the right meaning and evidently the Milwaukee airport has gotten a lot of press for this sign...


  1. A vacation of convelescence is needed sometimes.
    Over stimulation of the senses is subtle and television has much more of a participation element than we appreciate. I have to watch things that don't upset my nervous system which usually means simple plots that have a clear ending and isn't too complicated. TRF

  2. correction: for "isn't too complicated" I meant to say "urnt too complicated". LOL Going lightly............ TRF

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  4. Here is a good one,

    "I finally learned to not take myself so seriously. Whew! ... it is so refreshing and is soooo long over due. I have to admit, it took more than one moment of clarity to get to this point of resolve. It is also taking all the people I made so many promises to more than one moment of clarity to realize I was taking my self to seriously while making them and I even tricked them into taking me seriously enough to believe I'd keep those promises!"

    ~~Peggy Hill~~
    King of the Hill
    Episode 8 of Season 11