Saturday, February 20, 2010

It really would help to read the directions...

It seems as though every new toy we get, we have to learn new directions. We moved into the world of Apple and have a new laptop. I have an Iphone so I can understand some of the applications and I can do the basics, yet too slowly, so I know I need some lessons. For Valentines, George took my old Iphone and I got the new Iphone with video, because everyone needs video on their cell much technology, so little time I take to learn how to use these techie things properly.

There are Apple instructional videos to watch online but then that would interfere with my Farmville time on Facebook or my new addiction to Celebrity Rehab and Ruby. Ruby is another blog post on it's way. And I'm actually reading some more too! I finished a very interesting short book entitled, What I Thought I Knew in less than a week and I am coming to the end of Mitch Albom's book called Have a Little Faith which I did get some life nuggets from.

I only wish that I would go back and read the manual for the XM radio. I have a mobile XM device that moves from my car into the house. And over the last two years, very randomly while I'm listening, a beep occurs and it tells me that a Joan Jet song is on. And I think, thank you for telling me that and it just cracks me up. So maybe not reading the directions is okay! It provides me an unexpected laugh at myself.

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