Monday, February 22, 2010

Working through the Butterflies

This is my badge of honor. Riley attended a skating birthday party recently and Mallory stayed home with GaGa. I watched the kids go round and round and then I got the urge to do so myself. The birthday girl's mom was heading out there. Another mom and I chatted and we agreed, "Let's go for it!" So I bought some socks, strapped on the skates and then...major butterflies developed in my stomach. Why was I scared? Was it the huge sign out front before you entered the building that screamed - "DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!" Or perhaps because it had been two decades since I last visited a skating rink. Or is it that I'm an adult now, it's further to fall, it hurts more and I have two small people that I have to take care of twenty four-seven.

But I did it! I helped Riley go around the rink slowly as she was learning. Then it was time for cake & presents, and we went to the birthday room and I thought, you know, I want to try this some more. So off I went by myself, and it felt great to get a little speed and enjoy the music. Memories came back to me of a younger and more carefree time. I know I skated tentatively but I did it and had fun which was the point. Working out the butterflies, bit by bit.
This is a picture from my roller skating party just a few years ago.

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  1. I love it! I remember spending HOURS at the skating rink. Funny you posted this because I was thinking the other day I should get a pair of skates to exercise the new dog - like Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer, on his rollerblades! Unlike Cesar, I want the old-fashioned skates with all 8 wheels. You're right about farther to fall & hurts more - not to mention now we're the ones responsible for the medical bills and housework ;)