Monday, March 1, 2010

It's all Coming Back to Me Now!

My good friend loves Celene and we wanted to escape to the movies this past weekend. She had talked about wanting to see the limited run Celene Dion movie. It wasn't on my short list but then our only other option was "Valentines Day" and after reading the horrible reviews...I thought, let's see Celene. I use to listen to her music. My friend said go put her music on. So after pulling out the 6!! CD's of hers that I owned, the first song that I played was "It's All Coming Back to Me Know" So freaking ironic! It did all come back to me. I picture my unmarried self sitting on the floor in my tiny one bedroom apartment with "The Colour of My Love" blaring and singing my heart out. She spoke to me. My broken heart was comforted by her beautiful lyrics and voice. She sings so purely, and it appears to be from her heart. The movie of her year long world tour was a reminder of all of this. I have been playing her music non-stop since then in the car. Right now, Mallory's request is, "It's all coming back to me now."

I realize that some may feel there is a little bit of cheesiness to Ms. Dion, but I'm accepting that I must like cheesiness if that means pure. And I'm all about acceptance right now!!! So now, how about a little wine with that cheese?
It has always impressed me how she sincerely expresses the love for her husband and her child AND I believe her. You can't believe everyone who has the spotlight on them. And now, Celene and Rene, my friends,(LOL) are trying to have another child, and I always identify with someone who struggles with infertility and hope they are able to have another baby.
I saw Celene in concert as the opening act for Michael Bolton, twice. Yes, Michael Bolton and yes, twice. I cheered when Michael finally cut that hair off after it's prime as well as the fact that they finally cut Celene's son's hair - he's like 7 now. George and I did see Celene when we were in Vegas on a lark and the show was fantastic
Lastly, how can you forget the theme from Titanic? It was a fabulous movie but I'm not good at sitting for that long. After three hours in the theatre and ready for the boat to sink because well, you know it has to, here comes this beautfiul haunting song.

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