Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shaving while driving???

Woman causes crash shaving bikini area while driving - WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

That is a real story. Scary.

Oprah is on a mission to stop texting while driving. I could only make it half way through the show on that topic. It was so painful to see persons who lost family members in an accident caused by someone who was on their phone. A needless loss of life for what??? To text? It was a wake up call that continues to ring for me. What message couldn't wait in lieu of someone's life?? From the show, I was reminded what an automobile weighs and that when you get behind the wheel, you are steering several thousands pounds in motion. Another fact I learned somewhere is texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

I'm ashamed to write this but I haven't stopped cold turkey with the phone. I never texted, (that's just crazy!) but now I make sure to have my phone set up hands free and dial the number before the car is moving. But there is still hanging up, or answering a call which I do while I fumble to put my handsfree wired earset in. And so I acknowledge in essence it is just as crazy to talk handsfree being careful as it is to text. I am one of those people who thought, oh I'm careful, I can do it.

So the issue is still gnawing at me. And Oprah is still talking about it and having persons who come on her show sign a pledge. (I smurk slightly because I think how often do these celebrities drive themselves?!) Yet, one of the gnawing factors influencing me is that my children are watching me while I check FB at the light. Children pay attention to EVERYTHING that their parents do. AND THEY WILL BE DRIVING in years to come. Not only do I have to worry about their driving skills but the other non-thinking children of God out there who are doing something stupid while driving. That continues to make me think. I have to pay complete attention to the others who are not paying attention.

Now I can let Riley make or answer the call if family members are on the line. The last couple of weeks the kids started playing games on my IPhone which drains the battery but...maybe saves a life. I find myself compulsively wanting to check at the stoplight to see what's on FB or if there is an email but it is slowly sinking in that it can wait. Just writing this blog makes me want to sign the pledge which I am going to do.

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