Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wild Thing

I did go to yoga today as my last entry alluded to. There was something that was causing me to hold back and not want to go. I knew I NEEDED to go. As I've written before, yoga is not just exercise for me, but pushing myself out of my physical AND emotional comfort zone. In this class two surprising things happened. Early in the class, I was in a pose on my stomach laying on the floor, arching my back up then resting and then going up a little higher each time, my face suddenly came into the sunlight. It felt totally poetic. I was in the light!! It felt meant to be. And the whole window was blocked with a wall of large exercise balls in rows so it was not that easy to come across this ray of light that I was bathed in. I took note.

Secondly, there is a pose called the Wild Thing. I just love the name. I have watched while others have done it but I DIDN'T try. I think that is how my personality has come out with the practice of yoga. I didn't even TRY things that I might like. Wild thing starts with downward dog (pictured above) - and then you kick your leg up, allow it to bend at the knee and then you stretch and then blindly allow yourself to fall over into a one armed back bend. And I DID IT!!!
AND, when I was looking this up to put the right terms and photos, there was a note that said this is an advanced position, not for beginners. Woo Hoo. An advanced position!!

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