Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning to Ride

Riley has been learning to ride a bike since last summer. We begin the process while we were in Rosemary Beach on vacation and there was a lot of drama, with both George and Riley and then George and I. Riley would get upset, and then George would get really frustrated that Riley was whining, then Riley would respond even more negatively to George. I could see her whining was fear but it "bugged the crap" out of him. And I didn't even consider that I could take over the job. I was standing in the back and leaving it to George. I have more patience than he does, I needed to step in.

A few weeks ago, I worked with her in the grass section of our neighborhood park. I ignored the whining and just kept telling her to get back on the bike. I didn't take the whining personally. Eventually I felt she would "get it."

Well finally it happened, gradually over time. For the last few weeks with our wonderful spring weather, the girls and I have ridden around the neighborhood ON OUR BIKES, all together!! I am so proud that we finally have this maneuver down and can exercise together. And yet we still have one more pair of training wheels to take off but in due time.

Last night which was Good Friday, we went for a family bike ride after some very delicious boiled crawfish. The weather was splendid, George was home!, and it felt so nice. Riley was riding fast and I thought, "uh oh." She took a really good spill, and there was blood on both her elbows and a knee. At first she planned on walking... all the way home. I gave her a little encouragement and she got back on AND with very littley whining, we finished our original ride plan. I was so proud of her. She had to fall off the bike to learn not to ride so fast. There are things that your children have to learn on their own. We can't do it for them. This IS the way that I am teaching her to do things on her own. These are the babysteps. We have a long way to go but I am so excited that I am learning how to be present with my children and that I have it in me to teach them life skills. I am learning to ride too! It is my life's mission right now. That, losing weight, and world peace. {smile} Happy Spring, Happy Easter!

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