Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Hard Habit to Break"

Every now and then I flip to the Love Channel on XM radio and by chance, I will hear a song that takes me back a couple of decades and I really enjoy it. This song was on...

And all I could think was I switched from the bad habits of boys in 8th grade to the bad habit of food. I can remember how it would be the end of the world if the guy didn't like me as much as I liked him. Such drama. But of course, now the habit to break is not necessarily with food, it is how I think, and changing my world view on a much deeper level.

I do love music. And if you look at the comments on You Tube of the video, someone commented, " Man, I hope heaven has an 80's bar" Priceless!!, This morning that just got me. Loved it! Maybe because I'm examining things so deeply and so heavily, every now and then, I just need to lighten up. Perhaps I can become more sarcastic like Bethenny Frankel. I love her show and the fact that they show her in therapy. Half the time I am thinking exactly what she is saying. I can get out all of my repressed feelings and project them on to other people. Why do I have to be nice anymore?

Anyway, I also enjoy looking at videos of songs and bands that I never saw before but listened to and knew every word. Growing up, I had no cable until college, so I never saw MTV or VH1. This poor sap just listened to the music and imagined what the people who were singing looked like (I know I make it sound like the dark ages). Someone posted this on FB and it just cracked me up. See what you think from 1982.

OMG, I never imagined a rooster in the beginning, or everybody dressed in all white with fringe and cowboy hats or the drummer's drumsticks being on fire the entire song! Thank you internet, what great memories.

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