Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A visit with a Physics Professor

On a recent trip to my oft visited Ochsner Clinic, this time was actually for me to check on my foot problem, I was having a day full of emotions, lots of crying and sadness. Grieving situations that will not change and over which I have no control except for letting it go. I was sitting in the waiting room, and a kind looking older Indian man walked by and we smiled at each other. We spoke, and I said I thought I knew him from somewhere and he took my hand and said that it didn't matter if we did or didn't, we were enjoying THIS moment right now. I knew exactly what he was saying as Eckhart Tolle IS in my library. I had been prepped by over 2 years of therapy. I had been prepped by my Spiritual Quest studies. I had been prepped by watching Oprah for many, many years. I understood what he was saying.

We did eventually deduce that his grandaughter attended Dunham and I had seen him there. We sat and talked for a long time while we both waited. It was the most pleasant encounter with a total stranger and it was such a bonus to experience it on THAT day and I believe it was a holy spirit led interaction. We discussed the fact that I was into Psychology/Counseling and he is a Physics professor. Immediately I thought, well that's over my head. But we continued talking and I had pulled my phone out to look up the cause of my foot pain. He asked me to look up the Institute of All National Advanced Studies of which he cofounded, so I did. I read what Wikipedia had to say, and one line said that the group believed that "inner peace within each individual is vital to the establishment of meaningful world peace." I looked up and said, "Well, Mr. Physics, we might have more in common that what Miss Psychology previously thought" And we laughed. And I have since looked into physics and that is more about energy flow and understanding things that are not easily defined by hard science.

We laughed together many times. We chatted about life. And he told me more than one time how I had a beautiful aura. In my heart, I know I do. In my heart I know I'm heading towards what I am thinking is a hippie like, free love state minus the drugs and sex with strangers and inclusive of a Higher Being! For the last 2+ years, I just keep thinking Birkenstocks in my head and you know my new orthopedic shoes aren't that far from them!!. But as he said the words about my aura, I knew it and I know I feel myself moving towards more love, less fear, less anxiety, less judgement of myself and others. It is a very freeing place to move towards. And the weekend that I had at a Richard Rohr seminar only continued the theme of my journey. All things that I am led toward keep giving me the same answers. Hmmmmm.

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