Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soaking it Up In the Smokies

We are on vacation!!! We made it to Sevierville, Tennessee late yesterday afternoon after a 2 day drive. It is near the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas. It is very early on our first morning here and I can't sleep as our fantastic cabin is sitting ON TOP of part of a mountain. I felt during the night that we were going to fall off! I know the chance of that is very, very small yet I don't think my equilibrium had caught up by the time I went to bed as we drove very steep, climbing, windy roads to get here. I AM a flatlands girl! Riley said she couldn't understand how people could live in such hilly areas. I have thought that myself many times visiting any area that was not as flat as a pancake as I am accustomed to. [This picture is the side of the driveway leading to the cabin]

I am looking at the mountains as I type. The steep, windy roads led to fantastic open views of the Smoky Mountains. And as I am soaking up all of the natural beauty, I'm also cognizant of the the lovely satellite that is providing my wifi!! I love nature AND technology! The girls love the place as well with its' three levels and two game rooms.

I am so excited and grateful to take our family on vacation. It's soooo good to get away and for everyone to experience new places, people and things. And we treated ourselves to a really nice "cabin." Here's the family enjoying the Sunday night Disney shows in the Big Screen Media room! And during that tv display, I kept running outside to the balcony to view the most magnificent sunset display. Soaking it all up!

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