Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oprah and How She Surrendered

Another facebook post from a friend, that made me think, again. I had already watched this once because it is a part of Oprah's Master Class on OWN, this particular one is her talking about herself. I thought it was great the first time I watched it and I kept it on the DVR. The title of this segment is Surrender, as you can see. She starts talking about "The Color Purple" and I really didn't want to watch it again last night, as I noticed it's ten minutes long. I decided on a lark (Holy Spirit) this morning to watch it again. The WHOLE ten minutes. I have several issues ongoing that I need to surrender, and it is not easy at all. This time her words spoke to me in a different way, I was listening from a different vantage. I have been working diligently through major issues and I now have asked myself, have I given them over? God does know I want to work through them, but have I given them over to him. It's time.

I have bought several small notebooks over time. I love the freshness, the idea of a brand new clean slate to write in. I bought one with the specific purpose of keeping tracks of prayers. So many prayer requests come in from church, friends, family, and now even Facebook. I didn't ever want to answer that I was praying for someone because I might not remember to pray every day so I thought aha, I can keep track. But I never did. Our church had a speaker about prayer and it opened my mind wide to the fact that JUST when I think about someone, that is a form of prayer. This was an encouraging new way to think of prayer and it relieved my guilt over not praying the way I thought I should. So I have these small notebooks with the intent of journaling or keeping prayers, or keeping notes from a book study and I never follow through. But today, I am finding one of those books and writing down my prayer to surrender all of the big and little things in my life. Gotta go take care of that now. It's time.

As an aside, I don't think we always get the answers we want. She really wanted to act in the Color Purple and it happened. But I know there are people who surrender and don't get the answers they want. But resting in God and surrendering, they get the peace, the comfort to cope, to move on and to live with the circumstances.

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