Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Middle School!

Yesterday, I attended a "Get Acquainted with Middle School meeting.  I had no thoughts going into the meeting, other than what do I wear, and let me arrive on time.  Afterward, I ran into a mom who already had a middle school student and she said, "How was it?", "Did it relieve your fears?"  I thought we moms, have all different ways of worrying.  My fear didn't kick in until after I listened to the principal talk and with the bulk of new information coming into this new section of school.  The principal's words were actually reassuring, she spoke of active communication,  and that they would take care of our "babies."

Trying on new Middle School uniform.
Yet as I left the meeting, I did feel overwhelmed and the desire to cry was strong.  It was a lot of information that just had not been on my radar, at all.  My old pattern would be to duck and hide and worry, worry, worry.  I would have worried all summer.  Yesterday, I actually read through the papers, actively discussed facts with my middle schooler and the apprehension disappeared.

I love mindfulness!  Have I told you how much I LOVE mindfulness.

I know that in the past, I would have projected my fears onto my daughter.  I may not have literally done that but in my mind, I did and I know apprehension squeaked out.

Instead of ducking and hiding or being immobilized, I am embracing.  It's a new phenomenon, it's a new way to live, it's a new day!!  My daughter will be just fine, and if not, accommodations will be made.  I will ask for help.  "Everything's gonna be alright"

I am so thankful to not live in fear, day in and day out.

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