Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Soulful Seven Year Old Strikes Again...

After tasting nearly all of the 65 flavors of Coke.
I am adjusting to the new summer routine.  Yesterday was our first day of summer vacation not being on a summer trip.  We got out early to pick Annie the dog up from boarding which turned into dog walking (in the heat, hello summer!), dental appointments, lunch, speech therapy appointment, impromptu inaugural visit to our club pool, supper and by 8pm, I announced my intention of taking a break from being "Mom."  They abided by my wishes but requested tuck in and kiss at bedtime and I agreed.

I visited Mallory's room first, and the spritely sage forthrightly says, "There's never a time you aren't our mom."

She always speaks the truth except when it comes time to clean.

And in that precious moment, how much more can I love this little one (or the other bigger little one?)

The imprint on my heart was deepened once again by my soulful seven year old.

Love this picture even with my lobster and bib in it.
She then pipes up and says you just need to say you need "Mom-ity" time.  This is their way of requesting individual time alone with me.

I said that is a wonderful idea and perfect way to say what I need.

Thank you, thank you very much.

I have come such a long way.  I really understand now that I am teaching them how to take care of themselves by taking care of myself.  I may hear much from them about how I'm on FB right now, but one day when they are older, I can explain it was my link to the outside world.  Their father and I chose for me stay at home and FB is my water cooler.  Now, is their chiding about FB a reminder to be present, yes, annoyingly so.  And the more I take care of myself with momity time, the more I can be present.

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