Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sex and the City Fifteenth Anniversary!

The fifteenth anniversary of the first Sex and the City show was a few weeks back.    I had to work through my prudishness to be able to really enjoy it over time.   The first years of the series pushed so many sexual boundaries of what had previously been on tv in regards to sex and the single girl, I wouldn't admit to others how much I enjoyed it.  Even now, I still found myself scared to post on FB about the anniversary.

Among the anniversary media, there were a few articles and videos which inspired me to come up with my all time 15 Favorite Moments of Sex and The City.  Here they go:

1-When Carrie was determined to be "Fashion Road Kill" by Stanford during a Fashion Show
2-All of Miranda's friends showing up for her mother's funeral, Carrie stepping in the processional and then seeing Steve and Aiden in the pew
3-When Carrie ducked sitting at her laptop when Aiden sent an email so he wouldn't see her.
4-The Batman/ Green Hornet episode:  How Aiden and Big became friends.
5-Miranda shopping for her wedding dress,  "Nothing white, ivory, I have a baby the jig is up."
6- When Smith shaves his head in solidarity with Samantha as she is losing her hair to chemo during her cancer battle.
7-Charlotte: "I'm a bad wife, I ordered Chinese." Harry saying it had arrived as he showed her the picture of the daughter they would adopt from China.  I have seen this episode numerous times and each and every time, I get verklempt.  Charlotte's infertility came in real time after mine.
8-Samantha giving Miranda her hair appointment and volunteering to babysit Miranda's son so she could go in her place. Using her "new" vibrator when the vibrating bouncy seat goes out.
9-Miranda and Steve meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge as they decide to continue their marriage
10-Harry proposing at the Jewish mixer after they had broken up.
11-Steve and Miranda realizing they should be together over the First Birthday Cake of their son in the laundry room -
12-Samantha finding a grey hair down there, accidentally dies her pubic hair red like a clown.
13-Miranda telling Big to "Go get our girl" in Paris
14-Finding out what "Big's real name was
15-The girls screaming when Carrie arrives at the coffee shop from Paris (Charlotte's baby's picture is propped on the table)

Here are my other notes about the series:  
I pulled for Aiden!  He was such a nice, handsome, and most importantly kind and giving boyfriend, but I guess Carrie needed a hint more danger.  He wasn't the one.

In the first movie, I was stunned and it took me time to acclimate to the drama of it all.  I was used to a 22 minute sitcom.  This was full scale DRAMA.  I had to watch it a couple of times to appreciate it.  AND the whole non-marriage event could have been prevented had she walked up and talked to him instead of violently hitting him with the flowers.  He was ready to get married but needed assurance from her. (But it couldn't have been a  2 1/2 hour movie had she done that...)

I love this series.  I still watch the sanitized reruns and feel like I'm sitting with old friends (the kind that I've actually never met!)  It is comforting, and funny, and poignant.  And I have to decide at what age, my daughters can watch it?!
Dragging the family to the sight of the movie non-wedding last Christmas.  The NY Public Library

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