Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keep Bleeding, Keep Keep Bleeding

The summer is flying by but my period is not.  My last period started on June 29th and hasn't stopped.  Sixteen days ago.  Can I say how tired of tampons and my vagina that I am?

This song just popped in my head.

 I go to the bathroom, see what is happening and then hang my head.  And think, "Really."  "Please stop."  But it just keeps going.  It has not been heavy thankfully.  I have talked to my pharmacist and doctor in the last days to help figure things out.   I have been using progesterone cream for many months to help with being estrogen dominant.  My body stopped producing progesterone as much.  I had heavy bleeding during my cycles for over a year and had become anemic.  This is the first time that a cycle has been so long.  I hear that this happens to many women of the age range that I am in.  Hello Perimenopause, you keep bringing surprises.

This is something that allows me to know once again, I am not in control. And these are two thoughts that have popped up:
1) I'm not sure how long I want to keep my uterus and
2) I don't want any man telling me what to do with my body, especially a Republican. : )

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